HKQAA - Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme (Pilot Programme)

Source: time:9/12/2013

Pilot Programme: HKQAA – Hong Kong Wine Registration Scheme
The HKQAA – Hong Kong Wine Registration (HKWR) Scheme is the first registration programme in Hong Kong that recognises an organisation’s capability to maintain and retrieve records of wines handled with identifiable sources. The scheme is supported by the Government; organisations that meet the requirements and have successfully registered to the scheme will receive a Confirmation of Registration Letter.
To recognise the participating organizations, a Kickoff Ceremony will be held at the HKTDC Hong Kong International Wine & Spirits Fair on 8 November 2013; and a series of promotion and media exposure will be arranged.
HKQAA would like to invite members of Wine Industry Association of Hong Kong (WIAHK) to participate in the pilot programme of HKWR; and special offer at HK$5,000 will be offered to WIAHK’s members for joining the pilot programme. For enquiries, please contact Ms. Fanny Li at Tel: 2202 9323, Mobile: 6220 6956 or Email: